Our featured artist for this week is the indie diverse/dreampop band DIV I DED from the Czech Republic.

The band began making music in 2013 and released their debut, Born to Sleep, in 2014. Their music is a combination of lo-fi pop, touches of early girl groups, and blended with a huge amount of shoegaze fuzz and walls of sound.


The band is made up of Filip Helštýn (Multi-instrumentalist), Veronika Janošková (vox), Vojtěch Cigler (bass). They are accompanied at live gigs by Jakub Zháňal (drums, samples and projection).

On April 12th, they released their new full-length album, Transformation, and “Open the Door” is the debut single from the album.

Guitars are picked and strummed amid whimsical, electronic tones that fluttery about. The vocals are dreamy, dipped in a deep ocean of reverb. Sweet, innocent, and timeless, the vocals are enthralling as Janošková casts her spell over the listener.

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