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Adelaide by DramaDollsDramaDolls live/exist in Adelaide a small remote city where the best and worst elements exist for creating genuinely original music.

Listen to the album while reading the text.

DramaDolls write, rehearse, record and occasionally perform their music in suburban Adelaide.
Very much a cottage industry, we produce everything ourselves, including our video clips.
Our manifesto is to create eclectic music that reflects the current state of play.

We do not care for trends, don’t really seek approval but we do have a vast melting pot of ideas that form the basis of our music. Our music is always a work in progress. And there are no limits or boundaries to what we consider to be the raw elements of musical creation.

DramaDolls’ fans are passionate and appreciate the honesty and originality in their music and songs.

Adelaide is a fertile and creative base from where you can create truly original and unadulterated music. There are a significantly large number of creative musicians per capita. On the other hand, the downside is that it is a small and remote community with limited opportunities for musicians and songwriters presenting something genuinely original. For this reason, the musicians who persist regardless develop a body of work that is unique.


DramaDolls. Adelaide, Australia.


Adelaide, Tokyo, Australia, Cologne, London, New York, Brasil, Stockholm, Amsterdam
Indie, Post Pop, Electro organic, Post PunkProg

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