Tancred release fourth Album

Tancred release fourth Album Nightstand

Exactly two years ago, on April 1, 2016, Tancred released their groundbreaking third and so far latest album Out of the Garden. Now they have announced their fourth full-length album Nightstand, which will be available on June 1 and can already be pre-ordered.


While their previous albums, especially Out of the Garden, were pure late 90’s power-pop, with an angry and combative attitude, the new album will show a more vulnerable side of Jess Abbott, the person behind Tancred. The first single out of the album, Reviews, looks like a perfect transition, because it

“holds some of that same propulsion the last album had, but also opens a secret door into a more introspective vibe present throughout Nightstand.”


Jess Abbott, former guitarist of the band Now, Now, has selected Tancred as the stage name for her solo career. So far, she has released three full-length albums, Capes (2011), Tancred (2013), and the already mentioned Out of the Garden (2016).

She has toured with Julien Baker and others and performed at the 2016 Riot Fest. Current tour dates are:

  • The Riot Room, Kansas City, MO
  • Thursday, April 5, The Blue Note, Columbia, MO (with Julien Baker)
  • Friday, April 6, Granada Theatre, Lawrence, KS (with Julien Baker)
  • Sunday, April 8, Downstairs (at SubT), Chicago, IL

Find the full list and buy tickets on Songkick.

Pre-order Nightstand from Bandcamp or iTunes.


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