A subgenre of indie rock, shoegaze has its origin in the late 80’s and early 90’s in the United Kingdom, and is now in its second or already third wave and very popular these days. One of these bands is Czech Republic’s DIV I DED, one of our Artists of the Week in June.

The term “shoegazing” was coined by the British music press to ridicule the stage presence of a wave of groups who stood still during live performances in a detached, introspective, non-confrontational state, often with their heads down; the heavy use of effect pedals meant the performers were often looking down at their feet during concerts.

With our new Soundposter, we expand an amazing live performance of DIV I DED, recorded early in 2016, with a visual layer. We wouldn’t even know whether they were wesring shoes on stage after all:

Watch the full performance on YouTube.
Watch the Background Video HD Towers.


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