Music Never Stops

by Nine Year Sister

Music Never Stops by Nine Year Sister
We will continue to create
in social isolation…

We can hardly believe it was only a month ago that we were performing at a big local festival

Fast forward a few weeks and we find ourselves in a changed world. Our live performance journey seems to have come to an abrupt halt. Like many other artists, we find ourselves looking for ways of creating more online content, now that heading out to play at venues is no longer an option.

We have created a new acoustic video – filmed on our property in Stanthorpe, Queensland. The song is called ‘Cocoon’ – the video is an acoustic version of a track from our latest album ‘A World Is Waiting’. The lyrics seem to take on a new meaning with the current situation of isolation in the world.

…it drives me crazy
just waiting inside this cocoon…

We set up three iPhones to film from different angles, and recorded the live audio using a ‘Blue Yeti Pro’ in conjunction with ‘Presonus Studio One’ software – everything was captured in a single take.

We have always done all of the recording and production of our music ourselves, so luckily, we have everything we need to continue creating our music from home. Having said that, we felt like we were building something special with live performance and we can’t wait for the day when we are once again able to play to a live audience.

Jennie & Emma (Nine Year Sister)



Queensland, Australia
Indie, Pop-Folk, Singer songwriter, Folk
acoustic video, live music, music video

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