Everything Led To This…

by DonGady

Everything led to this... by DonGady
Let’s support real Hip-Hop again…

“Everything led to this…” & rightfully so! It is a beautiful thing where you look and realize the growth that has been made.

Listen to the single while reading the text.

Lemme explain, this song is about some of what I am going thru right now, it’s almost like a short film, or the theme soundtrack to this scene of my life that I am in right now.

“I feel like I got left for no reason”

& that was referred to how my very own family had disowned me all because of their involvement in the occult that has been traditionally followed in my family. I was pleading my case on how unreasonable that is. & even the next line to follow was,

“Had to get my mind right, no thieving”

since being on my own I’ve been struggling with the temptation to steal what I wanted simply because I don’t have the means to get as much as I need, I’m basically homeless right now.

Praying one day my music will work for Me & earn money

Don Gady

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