Don Gady Collaborative GEMONGANG create this all new Hip-Hop Wave

by Don Gady

DON GADY COLLABORATIVE GEM SZN GEMONGANG ALBUM, create this all new hip-hop wave
Don Gady brings an all new amazing experience to hip hop with self made group GEMONGANG, who come together to create this all new wave the GEM SZN!

Listen to the album while reading the text.

This veteran project was made from the Atlanta area. This self made album has a rebellious vibe to it stemming from in between trap rap and new school hip hop.

The project has ten tracks and was all made collaboratively, from the production to the features. All the engineering and beat selection was decided and done up by Don Gady, the front runner of the album and just the group itself.

The GEM SZN album depicts the collaborative versatility and in depth life and times of how it is to be in Atlanta as a GEMON GANG member. We’ve been chasing our dreams while wannabes sleep because we are lions and everyone against us are sheep.

Don Gady

Don Gady, Category: Artist, Albums: GEM SZN, Blame it on the KNight, Salvador Gady, Singles: World Tree, Get Eaten Alive, Learn the Ropes, WYD, The Alignment, Top Tracks: CiNEMAXX, HELLO ITS ME, STFU, STARDUST, JUSSA JUSSA, Monthly Listeners: 22, Where People Listen: Atlanta, Englewood, Kennesaw, Acworth, Berlin

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Don Gady, GEMONGANG, Gemonz

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