A place to flee.

by Alex Tired

A place to flee. by Alex Tired

I’m kind of scared (and in love at once) of many life facts: The wild past times, the humanity, the death, the giant modern space, the concept of “fate”, etc;
Those fears inspire me to compose my ambient songs.

Listen to the album while reading the text.

For years I
have devoted my time to composing music. When I began to listen to different artists of genres, I didn’t know like drone, ambient, and downtempo. A new and very exciting world opened in front  of my eyes. I felt these new sounds as the perfect way to express my most inner feelings.

As I was
developing my production skills for this type of music, my life also changed progressively. I don’t know if it was because of the influence from the discovery of these new rhythms that had transformed part of who I was. Nevertheless, I’m still composing. And I am enjoying a variety of artists, however none like particularly this genre and the ones closely related to it, because it really makes me develop the most introspective thoughts.

some part of my friends and the general public have said me from time to time, to return to my more accessible artistic origins. But this may not be possible. I have fallen in love with this new musical language and how it makes me feel. I will always appreciate that the people who knew me before accepting my new facet, and I will even appreciate more, that they value my current work.

One recent
summer night I had a long conversation with a good friend. We talked for hours about so many important topics in our lives, and of course, on that night we spoke about ambient music, because, it seems like a strange area where not everyone appreciates it. On that occasion, I felt I emotionally expressed myself. But now, I could resume my motives on this sentence: “Sometimes I feel that I need the ambient music that I compose to flee somewhere, or rather to create a place to flee.” Because it truly does.

Alex Tired

Alex Tired, Category: Artist, Albums: Nevermore, Singles: Copper Tree, Boogie Pics, This Land (Uncovered Soundtrack), Golden Days, Top Tracks: Sub-Life, Liberty, Boogie Pics, Sad Mantra, This Land (Uncovered Soundtrack), Monthly Listeners: 12, Where People Listen: Madrid, Murcia, Lima, Salamanca, Valencia


Ambient, Downtempo, Drone
Ambient, downtempo, Spain, newartist, drone, Experimental

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