The Uncensored Playlist by Reporters Without Borders

The Uncensored Playlist by Reporters Without Borders

Hacking censorship with music? While press freedom is not available in the worlds most oppressed societies – global music streaming sites are. Reporters Without Borders Germany created a digital loophole to evade censorship. It’s called The Uncensored Playlist.

Uncensored Playlist

Take five acclaimed independent journalists, that are suffering from strict government censorship, from five different countries (China, Egypt, Thailand, Uzbekistan, and Vietnam). Team them up with a Musical Director (Lucas Mayer). As a result, together they turn 10 articles that had previously been censored into 10 uncensored pop songs.

Upload these songs onto freely available music streaming sites. And by using that censorship loophole, allow stories to slip back into the countries where they had once been forbidden! A genius who came up with this simple and clean idea.

“For the very first time, reporters have become music artists to bring the truth to those that had once been denied it.”

The Uncensored Playlist is now streaming on Spotify, Apple Music, and Deezer.

Reporters Without Borders

Reporters Without Borders is an international non-profit, non-governmental organization. It promotes and defends freedom of information and freedom of the press. The organization has its head office in Paris, France, and does also have consultant status at the United Nations.

Reporters Without Borders has two primary spheres of activity. For one it is focused on Internet censorship and the new media. And on the other hand, it is providing material, financial and psychological assistance to journalists assigned to dangerous areas.

The Uncensored Playlist is a project of the German chapter of Reporters Without Borders.


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