Rap Guide to Consciousness


“Peer-reviewed rapper” Baba Brinkman’s latest show, Rap Guide to Consciousness, will soon begin a two month off-Broadway run in NYC, opening on March 1st at the Soho Playhouse!

Rap Guide to Consciousness was written and premiered earlier this year and had a smashing tour of the summer festival circuit. Now the science of not being unconscious will soon be presented in the city that never sleeps.

“He is not the world’s coolest rapper, but he might be the funniest and most well-read. Exercise any free will you have and buy a ticket.”  ★ ★ ★ ★ – Evening Standard

“At the core of his mission, Baba wants to open minds and keep them open. In his rap battle against ignorance, when he wins, we all win.” – High Existence

“Insightful and greatly informative… a funny but serious appreciation of the wonders of the human mind” – The Psychologist

Baba’s brain consists of roughly 80 billion neurons with trillions of connections, and none of them has any clue that he exists. And yet, those cells combine to produce a steady stream of delightful rhymes, laughs, and mind-blowing scientific findings.

If you’re interested in the research behind the show, learn more about the science from project science advisor Anil Seth’s TED Talk.

Buy your ticket now!

Buy the music from Bandcamp.


P.S.: If you’re in NYC next week, come and see Heather and Baba performing Off the Top at Caveat, one night only on Monday, December 18th.


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