Baba Brinkman’s Rap on Climate Change

Baba Brinkman Rap on Climate Change and Trump

Baba Brinkman just released a new video. In his unique manner, he produced a rap song about Donald Trump’s climate change legacy.

Oops, he did it again.

A year ago, on inauguration day, Baba already released a music video on the subject. Most noteworthy, it ended up getting more than 75K views. Hence, the climate economist Dr. Gary Yohe, who commissioned the first video and consulted on the science, asked to create a new song for the one-year anniversary. Much as updating the story with recent developments. Seems like, between the wildfires, hurricanes, record temperatures, ice melt, floods, and other signs of the eco-apocalypse, there was no shortage of material:

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You can download the song for free from Bandcamp.

In other news, Scientific American recently reviewed Baba’s performance at the American Geophysical Union conference in New Orleans, under the very poetic headline “Rapper’s Lyrics About Climate Change Are Smart.”

Rap Guide to Consciousness

Also, Baba Brinkman is gearing up for his impending off-Broadway production of Rap Guide to Consciousness, which requires immersion in a completely different scientific field. Project science consultant Anil Seth recently took a deep dive on the subject in the Waking Up Podcast. And if you are planning to be in NYC for March or April, you better go see the show!

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