Polen Mentor

Pollen Mentor

Our second Artist of the Week in 2018, #30 of all time, is Polen Mentor from Plant City, Florida. The international collective has just released their first full-length conceptual album/project, The Conscious Evolution. It encapsulates the ideas of Urban decay/Mass consumerism, the lost occult, modern day science/the Conscious Evolution and embodies trip-hop, fresh, sensual, sexual, occult, dark and ominous, industrial, tribal, organic and timelessness…

Transcendence, this is The Conscious Evolution!

The Conscious Evolution

The collective is based around Clovis Carrive-Meyer, and includes the minds of some of his best mates, such phresh singers, rappers, musicians, artists… The marvelously hektik album art has been drawn by Steady Strange, who also performs as one of the rappers. Musicians contain Joel Lynch and Leonardo Dantas. The singing is done by Je Sa, further rappers are Jebadosef, Dr Choppenstein, Naive Prophet and Herbal Horus.

Step into wonderland – this is Pollen Mentor!

Enjoy also the music video for the last track of the album, Speaking Tongues. Sebastian Garcia filmed and edited it with the help of Kyra Martens, and its a delicious work of art:

Buy the album on iTunes.

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