Listen! G-d is Talking!

by Sloshay Geoffrey

Listen! G-d is Talking! by Sloshay Geoffrey

BS”D (With Help from Heaven)

Life is easy. We make it difficult by chasing illusions. Everyone is special and has a unique gift from The One Above. This is mine.

“Life is like music, it must be composed by ear, feeling and instinct, not by rule.”- Samuel Butler

Listen to the music while reading the text.

In Man of Faith, Gedalya connects to his true self. His expression in this album depicts his art in its purest form. Unconventional in every sense, Gedalya employs his piano, accompanied by his vocals which have been trained over time to tell the story of his life’s journeys.

Many artists in a bid to break out and achieve tremendous success in their music, explore new frontiers and lose track of their true self, however, Gedalya has remained true to himself, taking time and effort to master the skills that positively helped develop his music.

The decision to learn to play the piano at 19 has turned out beautifully today, but Gedalya recalls that he had to devote 10-12 hours daily for years, in order to channel his poetry into music.  Gedalya started out as a poet but he has been able to find his real footing with music giving his poetry full expression, and an opportunity for others to get positively inspired by his music. Gedalya is a force, a passionate and vibrant artist whose art draws heavy inspiration from Billy Joel (who he hopes to open for at Madison Square Garden someday) and the early works of Bob Dylan and Elton John.

Gedalya’s lack of formal music training brings his music forth from a pure heart, without too much refining, which robs music of its substance.

In Come Back To Faith: the lead single of the Man Of Faith album, Gedalya expresses his thoughts and emotions in a soulful rendition of Gedalya’s rich vocals and his keyboard. This single just like the remaining five songs in the album are performed with the intention of touching the heart of all the listeners and bringing them back to faith.

Gedalya’s previous albums titled: With Help from Heaven and Son of Israel were channels of expression meant to introduce Gedalya to the rest of the world, however, in Man of Faith, every word in the album explains Gedalya’s journey through unique compositions as contained in the previous albums. Gedalya hopes that his music especially his latest album: Man of Faith, will connect to many around the world and will warm its way into the hearts and lives of people positively.

The production of Man of Faith began at the Western Wall last year, with many days spent writing the lyrics to these songs at the wall. Produced and arranged by Craig Levy at Little Pioneer Studio in New York City, Man of Faith offers music lovers a clear insight into Gedalya’s unique compositions, clear sound, and longing for faith.



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