by Namez Entertainment

HOOK by Namez EntertainmentHook is an old soul sing songs man with love, hope, and unity in his heart. He was born in Australia and has been quite a vagabond.

Sometimes the smallest of songs are the ones that have the answers to questions lost in space. But with time on his side, Hook is telling his story.

From the early beginning in Australia, he was adopted from a young age into a family of religious followers. Adoption is a lengthy process, but it has a great adventure to the story. His adoptive parents, Muhummat & Gezus Ayman live in Phorrest Hill, Blesssed.

Since leaving the hands and watch of his family Hook has been touring the world seeking out street corners. You will find him tuning his guitar and swiping out songs of freedom, love, hope, and unity. We must search for this enigma.

Hook will be releasing his new music soon.

Be prepared to get real; raw is like a turnip of love.



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