Share your story, and we share our revenue

As an independent artist, there are many reasons to add a story to your music. Being fairly paid is just one.

Storytelling and Music

Maybe best known for storytelling in music are singer-songwriters in folk music. But we certainly understand the topic in a much broader way. Because in our opinion, good music is not primarily defined by the technical quality, but by telling an appealing story and triggering emotions. Especially relevant, musicians can create stories and feelings not only by words, but also through the pure sound, or of course in a combination.

In addition to the music itself, there are so many more stories you have to share. Maybe you fitted an unforeseen incident into the production of your recent record. Or you had a memorable encounter while on tour. Although your lyrics speak for itself, you might have a story behind the story in mind, while writing it.

Your (musical) roots are dear to you, and you want to explain where you and your music come from. Or on the contrary, you want to explore new grounds and get rid of all boundaries.

There is no doubt about it: You have so many stories to tell. Stories we would so much love to hear!

Storyteller: Independent artists tell a story and build a movement

A platform for your stories

We believe that all your stories are part of your art and should not be forgotten. Therefore, with this blog, we provide a platform to preserve all of it. And it will be you who writes your story. In your own words. No exclusion, no censorship (as long as you are in line with the law and our terms & conditions).

Don’t be afraid to write! We do not aim for a Pulitzer price. It’s about real life, with all its shortcomings and rough edges. Also, we’re here to help you. If you wish so, we can edit your text and remove typos, without changing the spirit of it.

In addition, for every artist with at least one story, we provide a separate page, consolidating all posts. That page is kind of your own blog you can directly link from anywhere.

Get Paid

We at mySoundposter are different. We stand for a movement away from traditional revenue models, shifting the scales in the independent musician’s direction. And we genuinely believe that your stories are part of your artistic expression and you should be fairly paid for it. Therefore, we share our advertising revenue with you along with a straightforward and transparent model. Read more on our page for artists about how it works or get started right away.

The beginning of a new movement

Every movement has its start. We know its far from being perfect yet and thank you for your understanding for any shortcomings. Also, we are truly thankful for every feedback.

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