Finally a woman again

Charlotte de Witte

The hugely successful Belgian DJ and producer Charlotte de Witte did work several years under a male pseudonym. Now she’s back with her real name. Why did she feel the need to be seen as a male musician?

In order not to be further reduced to her gender, De Witte put on the male pseudonym Raving George. This way she released several EPs and landed in 2014 a hit with the Belgian electro-pop band Oscar & The Wolf.

The following year, the Belgian appeared again as Charlotte de Witte.The change of my pseudonym in my real name was a raised middle finger to all the critics of that time.“, she told the Faze Mag. These critics are largely silent today. Journalists have even named de Witte the “Belgian Queen of Techno”.

Her tracks are hard but melancholic – and very vocal-heavy, as heard on last summer’s EP Wisdom:

The more recent EP Closer is also in this tradition. Much more, Charlotte tells stories with her productions:

For her debut album, Charlotte still wants to take her time.

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