Spotify Playlist

Spotify Playlist

Support independent artists by streaming their songs as often as possible! Our Artist of the Week Spotify playlist is a good starting point.

Streaming Revenues

While we mostly select tracks from SoundCloud for our Soundposters, there is a good reason for maintaining a Spotify Playlist: Streaming Revenues. Sure, Spotify is by far not the best paying streaming platform, but with its over 140 million users the biggest after YouTube.

With data collected from several sources, we have put together a comparison:

Service Artist Revenue
per 1000 plays
Total Users
Napster $ 16.70 5,000,000
Tidal $ 11.00 4,000,000
Apple Music $ 6.40 27,000,000
Google Play $ 5.90 10,000,000
Deezer $ 5.60 16,000,000
Spotify $ 3.80 140,000,000
Pandora $ 1.10 81,000,000
YouTube $ 0.60 1,000,000,000

Our Spotify Playlist

We have created a playlist for our artists of the week. Explore our Spotify Playlist, follow it and play often – you are directly supporting the artists!


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