Produce or need samples?


Do you need a royality-free sample for a production? Do you have samples that you want to distribute? Then Splice might be the tool for you! Four years after launching, Splice announced these days that it has paid out $5 million to artists.

Splice streamlines the process of creating and sharing music by bringing all of the steps into a single digital home. The Splice community also provides artists with a new means to connect with fans and other artists to solicit feedback throughout the creative process.

One of Splice’s most popular features is a legal sample subscription service that costs between $8 and $30 a month, and comes with no strings or royalties attached. One of the samples available from Splice even anchored “Sorry Not Sorry,”  the #1 hit for Demi Lovato last summer.

But the company is still building. Therefore, after already having received fundings of $12.25 million in three rounds, there is another $35 million in new funding to further expand the services.

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