DAvincii X, the Wait is Over

DAvincii X, the Wait is Over

The wait is over, our next artist of the week is here: DAvincii X! Born and raised in Manchester, Connecticut, cousins Dudda Dash and AF build a rapidly emerging duo, mixing neo-soul and classic hip-hop to their truly unique sound.

DAvincii X are bursting on to the local music scene as an act unlike any other seen in Connecticut. Taking years to hone their craft, they are coupling Dash’s lyrical finesse and penchant for vibing on any given beat with AF’s classical sensibilities, gorgeous melodies, and elaborate production and engineering.

Their recent musical offerings 8.VI and High Key have both been received favorably, their debut full-length project T.W.I.O (The Wait Is Over) is available on all music platforms. Have y listen to their most recent single Oceans in this unique Soundposter experience:

Buy The Wait Is Over from iTunes.


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