Baba Brinkman’s Discography

Baba Brinkman's Discography

This week’s featured artist Baba Brinkman has a rich discography. Since 2004, he has a total of 23 releases. On top of that, he also produced 10 theatre shows, wrote a book and several articles, earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in English Literature and a Master of Arts degree in Comparative Literature, and also studied human evolution and primatology. A productive man indeed!

Baba released 16 albums, of which two are together with MC Dizraeli as the duo Mud Sun, three EPs, and four singles. We have collected the full discography in a Gallery Soundposter and choose a track for every record (missing only two, where we did find no tracks online):

Digital downloads of all releases are available from Bandcamp and iTunes. Physical copies are available for mail order via Bandcamp. On Bandcamp, you can buy the full digital discography for less than $ 60.

By the way, maybe it would be worth thinking about changing the word “discography,” since we are no longer necessarily talking about discs anymore.

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