Your homepage is your visiting card, where all your information come together. While it is essential to embed your music, videos, social media channels, and tour dates, it is equally important to have an appealing webdesign that is easy to overview and navigate.

That is why we think homepages as a poster.

We have a lot of experience in embedding music and information in an intuitive way:

  • instant access to your music (no need to click through pages!)
  • easy information on your next live event
  • aesthetically appealing

 Have a look at a recent example to get a better idea:

Webdesign - Homepage Example: A Naked KissClick image to open example homepage in a new tab.

A bit of technology: We create so-called full screen scrolling homepages with state-of-the-art technology. They work perfectly on all modern browsers and are designed for mobiles and tablets.

We offer a standard homepage like the example above for $300, incl. 3 year hosting on a professional infrastructure. 

How does this offer sound to you? Ask for more information or an indivudal quote: webdesign@mySoundposter.com.