by Hannah McCausland (aka Berry)

Reflections by Hannah McCausland (aka Berry)
Music is a reflection of experiences – your own experiences, the things you see, the things you hear, the things you do, the things that happen to you, the things that happen to the people you are connected to. To me, making music has become a way of taking what is so deep inside and/or what is so out of of grasp outside and turning it into something that does its best to conceptualize what is impossible for me to understand at the time. And then, hopefully, people can connect with the emotion and relate to it.

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Music & Emotions

I started writing music as a way to process what felt out of control in my life. Music became a way for me to express myself when doing so in the “real world” felt impossible. In this way, making music taught me to think a little deeper and reflect on whatever emotion I was feeling at the time before reacting.

I get stuck in my head and my thoughts a lot and when I am like that, it doesn’t make me a very nice or pleasant person to be around. I’m just a ball of nerves and insecurities unless I let them out somehow, and I think a lot of people can relate. I write when I feel overwhelmed with joy or gratefulness, when I am depressed or anxious, when I am confused, and when I don’t even know what I am feeling. But music makes any emotion okay to feel.

Music is Empathy in Sound

Learning guitar and learning how to write songs made me connect to both myself and those around me a lot more. Writing songs can often be isolating but, ultimately, on the other side of every song is a potential for connection and a potential for a mutual understanding with those around me.

Music is empathy in sound and an unspoken conversation that I wish I had, wish I never had, have had, or want to have. It is my therapy and it is what keeps me motivated to take on new challenges, give more, and be more present. It’s funny to think about, but now I know I will be able to process tragedy and trauma (although I still never want those things to happen) a lot better because I can write a song about it.

Appreciate the Art

Losing the need to please everyone with what I write has made me a more honest person. There is no such thing as too grateful, too angry, too sad, too head over heels, or too dramatic in music because when you think about it, music is a tangible form of what goes on in many people’s heads. Not everyone can relate to every song, but every song is an expression of more than just the writer’s experience with life.

So thank you for listening and thank you for giving me a chance. I am not asking anyone at all to like anything that I do, but I am asking everyone to appreciate the art that every musician has created and will create. There is no such thing as a bad song, because in the end, it’s all subjective and what you like is all based on your own experiences.

I hope you can’t relate to everything that I write about because sometimes it’s not so pretty, but I hope you can relate to the elation that I write about too. And if the darker songs click with you, then know that you are not alone. We can tackle life, one song at a time.

Thank you for reading.


Hello 😀 Thanks for listening! My name is Hannah McCausland and I go by Berry. I attend Drexel University in Philadelphia, PA for public health. I hope you enjoy my music! I make and mix it all in my bedroom. Thank you a million times for listening. xx Follow my instagram!

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