The Living Paper Cartoon

The Living Paper Cartoon

Ennio Marchetto loves to dress up. Most noteworthy, his dresses are made of paper and carton, therefore the additive “The Living Paper Cartoon.” And by exaggerating typical features such as hairstyle (Tina Turner), tooth position (Freddie Mercury) or iconic dresses (Lady Gaga’s flesh) and through the playback music, Ennio’s figures are recognized worldwide although he completely renounces language.

Ennio Marchetto

Inspired by the carnival in his hometown of Venezia/Italy, Ennio Marchetto started his performances as living paper cartoon more than 30 years ago. During his long career, he perfected his show and has now more than 300 paper costumes in his repertoire.

Therefore, if you visit the Italian comedy show, you go on a journey through the history of pop culture: from Cleopatra to the Statue of Liberty, from Mona Lisa to Madonna. No celebrity is safe from Marchetto’s caricatures, not even the English Queen.

The Living Paper Cartoon on Tour

Ennio Marchetto already performed his show in more than 70 countries all around the world. Everywhere from Singapore to China to South Africa to Colombia he made audiences laugh. Hence, his side-splitting performances of our best-loved celebrities and his adaptability to different cultures has brought his show to royal and celebrity attention. Consequently, Ennio has a considerable following and a massive international fan base.

“If you have a sense of humour, you’ll love Ennio… side splitting funny… he deserves a 10 star rating” – Beverly Hills Weekly, LA

“An amazing, sensational comedy masterpiece. It’s a brand new form of comedy and it’s the cleverest and funniest show I’ve seen in years. This is a show for everyone. I was overwhelmed.” – Jerry Friedman, KGO radio

“Spectacular…deliciously wicked, sharply astute and sparkling with
imagination. And don’t ask too much – the less you know, the more
magical the night. Just go. This is a must see!” – Star Tonight!, Cape Town

Luckily, Ennio continues to tour the world. Most of all, he’s a global phenomenon and a fascinating man with an incredible history. At the moment he visits Germany and Switzerland. You can find the dates on his homepage.


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