i make music and i put it on bandcamp

by Jason Arenos

i make music and i put it on here by Jason Arenos (flabbypiglegs)
im a sad wet egg boy who cant sleep. so i make albums in one night and then sleep to them.

Listen to the album while reading the text.

I grew up in Buffalo New York USA, in the burbs. Musically trained on piano at age 7, cello at age 10, and guitar at 13. Music for me was a contradiction, being a way to express my emotional state and a form of escape.

early experiments

I started experimenting with sounds on my 1990’s Yamaha keyboard probably my whole life, but it didn’t come into form until I met my main bubby, Mitch. Mitch and I would toggle on the keyboard in my basement for hours.

One day, in high school, I went down in the basement, and I was all angry about something. So I made a prototype flabbypiglegs album, including songs such as Don’t Forget Your Mayonnaise, Glenn In A Hurry, and Donavan Eats a Chocolate Eclair.


Off to a private college, in the hopes of becoming a lawyer, I developed sad wet egg boy syndrome being in a tough relationship, losing Mitch to NYC, and being trapped in a dorm with a boy who liked chips.

I was losing it.

So I recorded my musings with my cellular device. Dorm EP was born. Which consists of my depression rambling. It was my ex who made my Bandcamp, which prolly always will make me a bit sad, but from 2014 till now, flabbypiglegs has become the outlet of this ol’ sad wet egg boy.

my outlet

Nowadays I experiment with different sounds from my keyboard, my amp that plugs directly into my laptop and record using the industry mandated GarageBand. Everything I put up is mostly not with a metronome, unedited, nonsense to pass the time while my current gf is working her nightshift.

I have two lovely dogs right now, and they keep me company. One of them, Moshi, can even be heard chewing on bones and walking around on tracks.

We all need an outlet or a hobby to stay sane; this one is mine.


Artist’s Note
Buffalo, New York, USA
Ambient, Black Metal
birdhouse, sad wet egg boy, music

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