I Love Free Software Day

I Love Free Software

Today is not only Valentine’s Day, but it is also I Love Free Software Day. We at Soundposter Inc do indeed love Free Software and use it a lot. We do not do it primarily to save money – which is always a welcome plus, of course -, but to have the freedom to look inside and improve, whenever we need to.

This blog runs on WordPress. Our Soundposter designer is built on the Meteor Framework. We work on Images with Gimp, our audio tool is Audacity, and the Office suite of our choice is Libre Office. All Free Software and running on top of the Linux operating system, the mother of it all (well, not really).

As a musician, you play music to express yourself and have fun. It’s the same with software developers and Free Software, with the difference that the result is not a piece of music, but a bit of software. Software code can be raw like rock music, but also very beautiful in itself.

For a lot of proprietary software there exists a free software solution, which might not have all the features, but often is even better. So, whenever you have a choice, give Free Software at least a try!


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