I Love Free Software Day

I Love Free Software

Today is not only Valentine’s Day, but it is also I Love Free Software Day. We at Soundposter Inc do indeed love Free Software and use it a lot. We do not do it primarily to save money – which is always a welcome plus, of course -, but to have the freedom to look inside and improve, whenever we need to.

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Multi-layered video Soundposter

Recently we have updated our video theme with an optional layer. If your selected track is a YouTube video, it is now possible to show it layered below any additional video. You are now able to create amazing effects with your original video, without having to use any professional video editing software.

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Why mySoundposter.com builds on the Meteor framework

When we startet our soundposter journey a few years ago, we decided to outsource the development of the mySoundposter.com platfom, so we could concentrate more on creating new soundposter themes and building the business. As it turned out, not only did the outsourcing company not deliver in time and in the quality we expected, but the underlying php framework was too slow and inflexible for our generic approach.


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