Terra, Always Look at the Bright Side

by Hung Yung Terrarist

Hung Yung Terrarist, Always Look at the Bright Side during your shows at Hollywood and the Edinburgh Fringe Festival
Things will go wrong in any given situation if you give them a chance. Murphy’s law. It also seems to be the motto of my show. Like it or not. What’s my show about? No one knows. One guy said he loved it but didn’t know what it was. Like I told peeps in a panel, feel free to come and let me know what you think it is. Hopefully, by the end of the tour, I will at least have the costume figured out.

Nothing but tech issues

I still am not sure what the show is about, and the tagline has been in the works for years and use to include words such as “narcissism,” “megalomania,” and “bipolar.”

For the first two shows, I have been having nothing but tech issues. I can’t seem to figure out my outfit. The skimpy bodysuits I use to wear are not really what the new director (John Coppola, who I love and adore) is going for. It was suggested I get a spray tan which I was kind of into, but now I think I’m better off just being see-through translucent like I usually am.

During last night’s show, the sound battery box that was given to me for my lavalier mic went into my jeans (that I wore explicitly to minimize problems hooking this thing on). It went not into a pocket but inside my ass right between my cheeks, making it look like I had a very oddly shaped rear. I couldn’t get it out and didn’t see how bad it looked until the end of the show in the dressing room. It was inside my ass. I think my adrenaline did not believe it was a problem. Also, my fly kept coming unzipped.

A stroke of brilliance?

I was told after last night’s show that the computer just shut down randomly and that was why my music got cut out during “Team Thupreme.” During the opening night we had a low Mexican radio going throughout the entire show and what sounded like a referee’d cockfight. It messed me up, and for one moment it worked, and I was into it. In both cases, people thought these things were part of the show. Like, the tech issues. Although they confessed that later they realized I was in tech hell Elle oh Elle.

Or, the Spanish radio, for example. Three different people thought it was a “stroke of brilliance” or “kind of David Lynch.” I don’t know that it is a good thing that people either do not seem to notice when something is going wrong in the show or are trying to protect me from the horrid truth that it was a wreck.

Like a Silverlake hippy at brunch

Super small audience last night. First one was over 30 people which was cool.

I did a panel today with some super amazing people about taking shows to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, and after seeing the photos, I feel sure that this spray tan is not working for me. Someone mentioned that the more skin you show, the more people will come to your shows out in Scotland, which makes me want to wear the bodysuit from the music video for “Blue Chevy.”

Last night’s show felt like a disaster if that is not clear. The first show I wore a number that washed me out as it was nude and I was told that I looked like a Silverlake hippy at brunch.

There’s music here. You can’t hear the music?

Last night, the tech guy came and paid me a compliment on the performance which was hell from my standpoint, and he never gives compliments, so that is how I know last night was awful. The music just cuts out during one piece. I kept dancing and was like to the audience, “There’s music here. You can’t hear the music?” But then I broke the 4th or 5th wall or whatever and said to the tech guy to cut it cos the music came back on and I wasn’t gonna dance again what I already did. Actually, that could have worked somehow. I just really couldn’t tell where in the hell I was supposed to be when he put the song on. No problem, I can do it start to finish but jump in and know where I’m supposed to be …

That would require some more rehearsal time. Which I am scheduled for on Monday. I’m also feeling like switching up the ending. There are 32 pieces in 40 minutes for the main show. I don’t know. I could use some corn bread.

The Show about…

Death death death. What’s my show about? No one knows. One guy said he loved it but didn’t know what it was. Like I told peeps in the panel today, feel free to come and let me know what you think it is. Hopefully, by the end of this seven-show run, I will have the costume figured out.

“Is it a show in a show in a show in a show????? How many shows are there?? I need to know!!!”

Everything is TMI. That’s just kinda how I feel.

Terra is a Warm Gun

Hush Hush Theatre Group presents “Terra Is A Warm Gun,” now through June 24th (10th, 15th, 16th, 23rd, and 24th), at McCadden Place Theatre, 1157 N. McCadden Place, Hollywood, CA 90038. Catch the show before it shoots over to Scotland for the Edinburgh Fringe Festival from August 14 through the 25th.

Previews daily from August 14 through the 18th at 15:30 at Tollbooth Market ~ Room 6; This will be a room in a pub with a 25 seat capacity and is bound to get krunk. Proper theatre shows in a 40 seat capacity theatre daily from August 20 through the 25th at 15:15 at theSpace @ Jury’s Inn.

Click here for tickets or grab ’em at the door 30 minutes to showtime. June 15th, June 23rd, and August 25th performances include debut showcases from the new self-titled record “Hung Yung Terrarist,” featuring Akai MPC 3000 beat – boi Darryl Swann and K-Embry.

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