The New York-based start-up Soundposter Inc offers a new web-based audio-visual format. In the age of digitalized and portable music, we remember the yesteryears when sounds were pressed on vinyl and received a matching album cover. Many of these covers then became legendary. Soundposter™ reunites today’s music again with graphical presentation. The visually reduced mp3 file finally gets its face.

Our mission is to establish Soundposter™ as a new media format. We strive to help our customers in creating and publishing audio-visual websites on our online platform www.mySoundposter.com through state-of-the-art technology, innovation, leadership and reliable partnerships.

At the same time, Soundposter Inc brings itself into the service of its customer’s cultural expression. We don’t understand our company as a producer of content but as an enabler. We fully respect the intellectual property of the artists using our tools and services. We stand for fairness and transparency.


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