Bittersweet Melancholy Drenched in Feedback

by Just Like Honey

Bittersweet Melancholy Drenched in Feedback by Just Like HoneyThere is no other band that we know of, which sounds like JUST LIKE HONEY. Maybe that is because we never play cover versions of other people’s songs. We recently noticed that also Joy Division never played any cover versions. We love this thought.

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This is not a love song

by The Real Mac

This is not a love song by The Real MacThe song Too Late off our recently released EP Smoke Signals, which to the naked ear sounds like a love song about two people who are realizing they may be near the end of their relationship is, in fact, an analogy of a story that happened to myself and a friend of mine while backpacking across Europe.

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Mini Adventures in Self-Expression

by David Kingston

Mini Adventures in Self-Expression by David KingstonAs a singer-songwriter for me, each song is a mini-adventure in self-expression. Typically spanning just a few days from inception to release into the world. That is the reality of it, so my approach is to honor that, and especially resist the temptation to contrive into something artificially grand, or to morph into some sort of a product aimed at securing commercial return.

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E.A.R. – Electronic Alternative Rock

by Joseph Sorensen

E.A.R. - Electronic Alternative Rock - GRMBLGRMBLI’m 25 years old, living in Central New York. I often think about taking a one-way ticket to the West Coast, specifically like Los Angeles, or Seattle. I have been working on putting out what I believe is the best I can do with what I have. I’ve recorded hundreds of songs, I have written over 790 poems. I do what I do because I love art. Music is awesome. I’m not attempting to re-invent the wheel. I don’t want to sound the same. I’m not looking to fit into standards.

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Healing Sounds

by K.P. Ransom

Ohmwrecker: Music was our Salvation

Ohmwrecker was formed out of complete chaos and desperation.

After recording 20+ albums by myself as Six Car Collision for 18 years, I moved from Boston to Vancouver Island, British Columbia, and was unable to write and play music for about 4 years. I was just blocked… completely stuck and unable to write or say what it is I needed to say. For the first time since I’d started writing and performing, I was completely helpless.

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Where’s the Magic gone?

by Kyle Cox

Where's the Magic gone?Recently, I was playing a show at a wonderful spot in Nashville, TN called Douglas Corner. It was a Wednesday night, and just before I was about to go on stage, a buddy texted me saying, “What are you doing Friday night? Do you want to go to the Ryman with me?” If you aren’t familiar with the Ryman, it’s a beautiful venue located in downtown Nashville, just off Broadway. It’s called The Mother Church of Country Music, many legends have played there & continue to play there, and the Grand Ole Opry was born out of that room. It’s truly legendary. Needless to say, if someone asks you to go to the Ryman with them, you say yes, regardless of who’s playing. So of course, I immediately responded to his text with “Hell ya! Of course, I want to go to the Ryman! Who’s playing?”

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The 7 Female Musicians I Admire and Emulate

by Sorcha Chisholm

The Seven Female Musicians I Admire and Emulate by Sorcha Chisholm

With the passing of legendary soul singer Aretha Franklin and the 60th birthday of Madonna occurring within days of each other this week I started to think about the enduring legacy of certain women in the music biz and how they got to where they are today. I also started to think about the mentors that have helped me on my journey. Here are seven female performers who have influenced my work and the stage of life I was in when they found me and first sang their song to me.

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