Where’s the next music revolution?

A recent study from London found three music revolutions in the last five decades. All three happened in the 20th century, 25 and more years ago. Every generation since the beginning of recorded music has introduced a game-changing genre. Until now. What the hell is going on with today’s western pop music?

Commissioned drawing of The Beatles pencil and ink by Brian Methe Tetratos Potraits Dibujos 2009

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A Thousand Unique Albums

There are the CD and vinyl limited and collectors editions, of course. But those are mostly only meant to sell a record a second time to an artist’s fans. But what is much more interesting, are personalized copies.

I personally know these from the cassette movement in the early 80s. I still have a box of them at home. Some of the artists are well known, like The Cleaners From Venus. For some, it was a start in a new career, like Everything But The Girl‘s Tracey Thorne with the Marine Girls. But most of the bands are only known by a few dozen people.


What was so unique about the cassette movement, was that the tapes were copied at home, the cover manually copied and often hand colored. A thing that is not possible with vinyl, and was not possible with CDs back then.


These personalized releases, born out of necessity, is now taken a step further by an artist called Spruke from Buffalo, New York.

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Christmas Song Revenues

There are so many great (and not so great) Christmas songs, and even more versions of these. Would it be a good and lucrative idea to produce your own?

Maybe the most famous Christmas song ever is Fairytale of New York.

There are certainly some things you should consider, if you plan to do your own Christmas song. And not the least important question is, if it is worth it after all.

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