Noam Hassenfeld

Our already 18th Artist of the Week, Noam Hassenfeld, is a composer, guitarist, and drummer currently based in Brooklyn.


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The Remedies

Our Artist of the Week #17, The Remedies, is an alternative rock outfit from Chicago, Illinois comprised of guitarist and lead vocalist, Marco Obaya, bass player and backing vocalist, Jake Schnoebelen, and drummer and percussionist, Angelo Santoyo. Jake and Marco were childhood friends, while Marco and Angelo were acquaintances in high school. Marco and Angelo’s first musical encounter came in early 2014 when Marco was offered a position playing bass in The Damosellas, a punk rock band fronted by a mutual friend of theirs. He took the gig and the two quickly bonded over grunge music, coffee and cigarettes.


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Max Keeble

New Jersey’s Max Keeble is our 16th Artist of the Week. We do not know that much about him, but his beats speak for itself!


We are very happy and feel honoured to feature him and that he allowed us to present his new album and his tracks. Get an impression by this turntable Soundposter:

Aqua Stone Throne

Our newest featured artist (#14), Aqua Stone Throne, travels by the name Andrew William Prise. An amazing East Coast Hip Hop music producer, sound engineer, photographer, video director, designer and writer. Andrew was born in Bogota, Colombia, raised in Brooklyn, New York and now resides in New Jersey. He’s inspired by HipHop, from his first cassette tape, which was MC Hammer, to his first CD, which was Snoop Doggs Doggy Style. Right there, he just knew that he was going to be a part of the industry in some way.


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